Derpy Toshi Coin A glorious celebration of dogs being derpy

Derpy Toshi is a coin on Ethereum that offers all holders 3% reflection rewards as passive income. Come and join in our fun community coin!

The dog coin of Satoshi Street Bets

A community of 750k crypto traders across our network

A coin to celebrate dogs being derps

In derpy we trust

Derp / Derpy


A person or thing considered to be foolish or awkward.

Goofy dogs that make silly faces and strike awkward poses.

"Aww, they're so stupid"

Tokenomics that work for you

And tokenomics that work for the community

Tokenomics and taxes that you can trust

Our dogs may be derps, but our tokenomics certainly aren't

9% transaction fee tax distributed equally to reflection, liquidity and growth

3% reflection reward

Earn passive income just by holding Derpy Toshi in your wallet. A 3% fee of each transaction is proportionally redistributed to token holders.

3% liquidity pool

The liquidity pool is strengthened over time as a 3% fee from each transaction goes directly to the pool, helping to support the price floor

3% growth fund

To ensure funds are continously replenished for marketing, development and the team there is a 3% contribution towards the Derpy growth fund

1,000,000,000,000 total supply

0xC4F4Fd359E36B831a989986385d127F11124ce0a contract

Certik Audit


A derpilicious schedule of excitement for Q1 + Q2 2022

Launch on Uniswap


Expand The Derpy Movement


CMC & Coingecko


Exchange Listings


Integration with


NFT Collection


Secret Utility Project

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The next shiba?

Join the Derpy movement as we celebrate dogs being derpy together